Houston Amateur Golf Association Memorial Tournament

The HAGA Masters Tournament is now the The HAGA Memorial Tournament. Each year, the event will now be played in honor of a HAGA member - past or present, living or deceased – who has meant a lot to the organization. This change will take affect beginning with the 2008 tournament in San Antonio on May 3rd & 4th. If you have a suggestion for an honoree for this year's tournament, please pass your suggestion on to the Tournament Director or any other member of the Board for consideration.

Past Tournament Winners

Results Low Gross Low Net Location/Pictures
2012 Results Rick Turner Dorin Tonchina
2011 Results Clay Garner Robert Curran Kosati Pines
2010 Results Michael Rush Ryan Waikem
2009 Results Rich Vigil Aaron Brougher
2008 Results Clay Garner Clay Garner Canyon Springs
2007 Results Eric Westerman Greg Rayburn Canyon Springs
2006 Results Greg Gerson Bill Marpe Columbia Lakes
2005 Results Mike Westrum Ryan Clarke The Falls
2004 Results Rick Turner Rick Turner, Paul Harris The Falls
2003 Results Jon Norman Hector Ramirez
2002 Results Todd Lange Ron Hill Del Lago
2001 Results Rick Turner Wray Widner Del Lago
2000 Results Mark Fields Mark Fields Columbia Lakes
1999 Results Kevin Barnes Matt Jones Columbia Lakes
1998 Results Jon Norman Jon Norman Waterwood National
1997 Results Phil Perot Rick Turner Waterwood National
1996 Results Young Hwang Raj Sharma Waterwood National
1995 Results Rick Turner Greg Beilstein Waterwood National
1994 Bob Berryman Bob Berryman Waterwood National
1993 Rollie Ortiz  Barney Bryant  Waterwood National
1992 Jim Mathews  Jerry Blackstock  Waterwood National
1991 Tony Bowers  Roger Schouffler  Waterwood National
1990 Bob Berryman Stewart Beck Waterwood National
1989 Rick Turner John Abramchuk Waterwood National
1988 Phil McClellan Joe Ruck Waterwood National
1987 Jim Mathews Marty Smithson Waterwood National
1986 Jim Mathews Rick Turner Waterwood National
1985 Skip Warren Scott Payne Waterwood National
1984 Mac Hairston Gerald Koi Waterwood National
1983 Brad Peck Pete Shelton Waterwood National