HAGA Match Play Championship

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2013 Match Play Bracket

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Match Play Winners

2012 Results Ali Jivani over Jeremy Clark  
2011 Results Mike Bunn over Scott Smith 7&5
2010 Results Scott Smith over David Salvati 3 & 2
2009 Results Jeremy Clark over Brian LaCour 3 & 2
2008 Results Aaron Brougher over Kevin Duke 3 & 2
2007 Results
Neil Biehn over Michael Sloan
1 up
2006 Results Tom Lemmon
over Eric Eisen
5 & 4
2005 Results Mike Bunn
over Eric Eisen
2004 Results Buddy Grant over Martin Noyola
2003 Results
2002 Results Gilbert Sollars over Russell Crockett 4 & 2
2001 Results Russell Crockett over Stan Nabozny  
2000 Results Russell Crockett over Barry Maltz  
1999 Results Henry Luna over Bill Gilmore 2 & 1
1998 Results Bob Jones over John Kelly 1 up
1997 Results Martin Noyola over Cliff Brooks  
1996 John Moffett  over Wes Bear  
1995 Scott Peterson

1994 Chip Gunter

1993 Don Landrum

1992 Scott Peterson over Jerry Blackstock  
1991 Chip Gunter

1990 Mac Hairston over Tony Bowers  
1989 Jim Widner over Mac Hairston  
1988 Gordon Honganen over Jerry Blackstock  
1987 Bob Boyd over Rock Gremillion  
1986 William Condra over Mac Hairston  
1985 Gerald Koi over Jerry Blackstock  
1977 Tom Quail over Dennis Wood  
1976 Cal Self over John Abramchuck

HAGA Match Play Rules

Tournament Director: David Salvati

EmailDavid Salvati


Play will begin in April. Each match will be arranged by the individuals involved with the following cut-off dates.
Rounds 1: Matches to be completed no later than April 30th.
Rounds 2: Matches to be completed no later than May 31st.
Round 3: Sweet 16. Matches to be completed no later than June 30th.
Round 4: Elite 8. Matches to be completed no later than July 31st.
Round 5: Final 4. Matches to be completed no later than August 31st.
Championship: Match to be completed no later than September 30th.


We divide the field into two brackets based on handicaps as of March 15. We sort the players by handicaps and divide them into groups of equal size. Since we have more than 32 players, first round byes were given to players based on a random draw. Players were then paired within each bracket by a random draw.


Each player is responsible for checking The Match Play Bracket on the website. You will then contact your opponent and make arrangements to play your match. Contact information is available on the members website. Notification of the results of your match should be either emailed or phoned to the Match Play Tournament Director (MPTD) as soon as possible after the match is completed. The players are also responsible for posting their individual scores to GHIN.


The time and location should be mutually agreeable to both parties however, if agreement cannot be reached, the player giving strokes will make the determination of location. The player giving strokes will select the tees to be played. The rules for match play differ from stroke play. The rules of golf stipulate that a match play event cannot be played within a stroke play tournament. Matches must be played outside of our regular stroke play tournaments. It is the responsibility of both players to play the match in the time allotted. If the match is not played in the allotted time, the player unable to make the scheduled match will forfeit and the other player will advance. If neither player can make the scheduled match then both players may forfeit the match at the discretion of the MPTD. Matches will extend past the deadline date only with the permission of the MPTD. As soon as a match is completed both participants should notify the MPTD of the results by either phone or email. It is the responsibility of each player to post their scores to GHIN using the instructions at HAGA.ORG.


Matches cannot end in a tie. The round will be extended to as many holes as are required for the match to be completed.

Disputes and Claims

Disputes and claims should be settled before the match is complete. If a player wishes to make a claim he should notify his opponent of the claim before proceeding to the next hole. If there is a disagreement as to the claim, the players must continue playing and after the round notify the MPTD as soon as possible. Once notified, the MPTD will determine the status of the claim and the match. The MPTD may consult with the HAGA Rules Committee before the claim is settled. See Rule 2.Match Play in the Rules of Golf.


The GHIN handicap indexes in effect as of the date of the match must be used for each match. The index will be used with the slope rating of the course played to calculate the course handicaps for the day. The difference in course handicaps will be used on the holes as they fall. The same procedure will be used when a match proceeds into extra holes. A list of players and their GHIN numbers will be published and can be verified at any time by going to the Latest Handicaps page. Use the HAGA Match Play Handicap Calculator to determine the difference in course handicaps for your match.

In accordance with USGA Handicap System, scores in match play must be posted for handicap purposes. If a player is conceded a stroke or a hole that player shall record for handicap purposes the score he most likely would have made. That score should be preceded by an “X”. If a player decides not play a hole (for example the match is completed at 3 and 2 and they decide not to play the last two holes) the score, for handicap purposes will be par plus any handicap strokes they are entitled to receive. Those scores should also be preceded by an “X”.

The presentation of the Match Play Champion will be made at the Club Championship.

Prize Money & POY Points

The top 16 finishers will earn prize money and POY points. POY points will be the same as the prize money, that is, 1st 500 points, 2nd 350 points and so on.