Houston Amateur Golf Association - Hole in One Pool


Players may now participate in an optional Hole-In-One pool for $5.00. Money will remain in the pool until someone scores a hole-in-one. There will be a sign-up list at each tournament.

What do these players have in common?

Bob Miller, Jared Mazzant, Ryan Clarke, Charles Reilly, Keith Sowards

Each of them made a hole-in-one but were not in the pool. Don't let that happen to you. Make sure you sign up!

Current Pool



1 Arredondo, Tito
2 Barnham, Ken
3 Block, Chip
4 Bratton, David
5 Brooks, Cliff
6 Broussard, Tommy
7 Bunn, Mike
8 Chapman, Kyle
9 Chinners, Derek
10 Clarke, Ryan
11 Collins, Dave
12 Courson, Dan
13 Curran, Robert
14 Darnay, Bryant
15 Diangranados, Daniel
16 Duke, Kevin
17 Farooq, Asim
18 Fehr, Bart
19 Flynn, Mike
20 Fuller, Harry
21 Furman, Kerry
22 Galik, John
23 Girouard, Kirk
24 Guerra, Gilbert
25 Guy, David
26 Hall, Blake
27 Hammonds, Steve
28 Harlow, George
29 Harris, Steve
30 Herrera, Brian
31 Hill, Jimmy
32 Hill, Ron
33 Hoff, David
34 Hogan, Jim
35 Javani, Ali
36 Johnson, Perry
37 Jones, LP
38 Kelley, Chuck
39 Korngold, Evan
40 Lacour, Brian
41 Luffey, Fred
42 Luna, Henry
43 Mackay, Randy
44 Markel, Christian
45 McKinney, Rick
46 Miller, Jason
47 Munoz, David
48 Nelson, Padden
49 Newhouse, Harold
50 Ramirez, Hector
51 Ratcliff, Reagan
52 Sabatier, Gene
53 Salvati, David
54 Simmons, Craig
55 Smith, Cedrick
56 Smith, Scott
57 Sneed, Ben
58 Sowards, Keith
59 Staubel, Scott
60 Tamuty, David
61 Temple, James
62 Trevino, Eric
63 Turner, Rick
64 VanNiewen, Robert
65 Vigil, Rich
66 Waikem, Ryan
67 Waikem, Tim
68 Whittham, Gary
69 Woods, Kerry
70 Wylie, Deven


Derek Chinners bladed an 8-iron on the 170 yard, par 3, hole #4 for a hole-in-one on November 18, 2012 at April Sound Country Club during a pedestrian round of 98. Derek was only the second winner of the pool since it was started in early 2009.

The Payoff
Derek receives his check from Jaime Diaz-Granados with Danny Diaz-Granados and Hector Ramirez looking on.
Photo by Cliff Brooks.

Bryant Darnay won the first Hole-in-One pool on March 22, 2009. Using a 7-iron, he shot an ace on the 150 yard, par 3, hole #6 of the River course at River Ridge. This ace started an incredible string of six holes where he scored an ace followed by five birdies. For the day, Bryant won the Hole-in-One pool for $285, 3 skins, 2 closest to the pins and the Championship flight. He also provided drinks for everyone. Congratulations to Bryant for a memorable round of golf.