Houston Amateur Golf Association Club Championship

The Houston Amateur Golf Association Club Championship consists of four rounds of stroke play over two successive weekends.

To qualify for entry into the Club Championship, you must have played in six tournaments during the current calendar year, or eight tournaments since the previous Club Championship. Why? Two reasons.

  1. The Club Championship prize fund is supplemented by money collected from entry fees throughout the year. If you didn't play much golf, then you didn't contribute to the fund.
  2. We want accurate handicaps for this tournament. If you played less than 6 rounds this year or less than 8 since the last Club Championship, how accurate is your handicap?

Former Winners

Year Low Gross Low Net Photos
2012 Mike Westrum Christian Markel
2011 Ryan Clarke Steve Hammonds  
2010 Mike Westrum Kevin Duke
2009 Jason Miller Jeff Riddle  
2008 Rich Vigil Henry Luna
2007 David Phillips Dennis Wood  
2006 Mike Westrum Chris Kamburis  
2005 Randy Watkins Jody Garrett  
2004 Greg Gerson Greg Rayburn
2003 Jon Norman Eric Eisen
2002 John Smith Mike Pugh
2001 Jon Norman Gilbert Sollars
2000 Jon Norman Russ Crockett
1999 Jon Norman Raj Sharma
1998 Daryl Howard Bill Florian
1997 Rick Turner James Doherty
1996 Jim Mathews Mike Bunn
1995 Jim Mathews Jody Garrett
1994 Jim Mathews Don Pittman
1993 Jim Mathews Wes Bear
1992 Jim Mathews Wes Bear
1991 Jim Mathews John Johnson
1990 Jim Mathews Bob Berryman
1989 Jim Mathews John Johnson
1988 Stu Beck Dr. M.A. "Mac" Hairston
1987 Jim Mathews Kirby Gorton
1986 Skip Warren Bill Dubler
1985 Jim Mathews Dave Brueckman
1984 Jim Mathews Dennis Wood
1983 Bob Kearney David Stephens
1982 Tom Holland Don Jeffers
1981 Ronald McCall Charles Garrett
1980 Jim Mathews Russell Jackson
1979 Jim Mathews Gary Spann
1978 Dr. M.A. "Mac" Hairston Tim Burks
1977 Jim Mathews John Kosarko
1975 Jim Mathews Mark Price
1974 Jack Laney Jerry Horton